Dream x Engineering Workshop @ MIT Media Lab

At the end of January 2019, I was invited to attend and present at the first Dream x Engineering Workshop at MIT Media Lab. About 50 scientists and artists came together to discuss the state-of-the-art on dreams, sleep, and technology.

The take-away: sleep and dream research is seeing a resurgence of interest, and recent findings suggest dreams are not just random products of our day-to-day life and may hold transformative elements. However, research is still in its infancy and we have our work cut out for us. The scientific and rigorous approach to better understanding dreams (as well as lucid dreams) gives me hope that people may start to see lucid dreams in the same way they now do with mediation. For more, see this recent article.

In case anyone’s interested, here are my presentation slides from the workshop: Lucid Loop: A Virtual Reality Bioresponsive System using Creative Artificial Intelligence for Lucid Dreaming Practices

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