SFU Surrey Open House

On October 27, 2022 our project Virtual Reality Emotion Regulation for Youth was demo’d alongside the Software Systems program at the SFU Surrey Community Open House.

It was very fun and insightful to show three of our four VR prototypes that we developed over the summer (see poster for more details). Open to members of the community, the open house featured information sessions and campus tours, providing teens and pre-teens with ideas to inspire their post-secondary pursuits and highlight the availability of programs in their own backyard. 

You can learn more about our project on TECI’s website.


Alex Kitson, Project and Design Lead (pictured: back, 2nd from the right)

Alissa Antle, Project and Design Co-Lead

Annemiek Veldhuis, Research Assistant

Madison Gara, Visiting Research Student

John Ordoyo, Research Assistant (pictured: front, first from the right)

Artun Cimensel, Research Assistant (pictured: back, first from the right)

Amy Guo, Research Volunteer

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