VR/AR Global Summit 2019

I was invited to speak on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the VR/AR Global Summit in Vancouver, BC, CAN.

The topic was on an impact-driven showcase of academic XR projects. Students and PhD candidates from academic institutions in Vancouver presented their projects that were actively trying to solve real-life problems and use XR to change how we interact with the world. 

I chose to speak about my main project, Lucid Loop, as a technological tool to help people practice focused attention so that they can develop sustained attention over time and ultimately live a more mindful and enriching life.

The attendees were mainly marketing and enterprise focused, many of whom had never really tried VR or AR before. So, I’m not sure if they thought Lucid Loop was too “out there” or not. I did have some interest in the emotional regulation aspect of Lucid Loop, especially with children and people who work in stressful environments, e.g., first responders. I think it could have the potential to go there. But, for now, I’m just trying to finish up my PhD 🙂

Here are the slides from my presentation in case you’re interested.

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